Long NameOpen Science Grid
VO TypeOSG User and Resource Provider (Provides services to the OSG and has/will have users who do OSG-dependent scientific research)
Certificate Issue Only This VO is only used to issue user certificates to OSG community.False
DescriptionThe OSG VO is owned by the OSG and supports individual users in accessing DHTC computing resources.
CommunityThe OSG VO will support users and experiments that are small enough not to warrant their own separate VO.
Parent VO Sometimes a project grows large enough to include several offshoot projects in it. When this happens, such a VO would want to be its own registration but would want to cite the parent project on its registration. This item helps a VO manager make such a mapping. N/A
Support CenterCommunity Support Center
Submitter Contact A contact who has registered this virtual organization
Rob Quick
VO Manager Contacts who decides on what virtual organizations are allowed to run on VO-owned resources, who are users of this virtual organization, etc
Robert William Gardner Jr
Mats Rynge
Administrative Contact Contacts for ticketing and assorted issues. This is typically a user/application support person or a help desk
Mats Rynge
Tanya Levshina
Security Contact Security notifications sent out by the OSG security team are sent to primary and secondary virtual organization security contacts
Mine Altunay
Mats Rynge
Miscellaneous Contact Contacts who do not fall under any of the above types but would like to be able to edit this virtual organization can be added as miscellaneous contact
Rob Quick
Mats Rynge
Tanya Levshina
Registration Authority RA (Registration Authority) agent who can approve user certificate requests for this VO. Only PKI staff can update this information
Mats Rynge
Kyle Gross
Elizabeth Prout
Marina Krenz
Sponsors Sponsors who can vet user certificate requesters.
Mats Rynge
Scott Teige
App DescriptionThis VO supports multiple sciences as described in OIM registered projects and also supports users from XSEDE who are granted allocations by that project
Field of Science VOs are often associated with one or more scientific fields.
Multi-Science Community
Primary URLhttp://www.opensciencegrid.org
AUP URLhttp://osg-docdb.opensciencegrid.org/0007/000742/003/OSG%20VO%20AUP.pdf
Membership Services URLhttps://voms.opensciencegrid.org:8443/voms/osg
Purpose URLhttp://www.opensciencegrid.org
Support URLhttp://www.opensciencegrid.org
Associated FQANs
Group NameOptional Role
Report Subscribers
Mats Rynge
Tanya Levshina
Chander Sehgal
Kenneth Herner
OASIS EnabledTrue
OASIS Managers
  • Mats Rynge
  • Suchandra Thapa
  • Derek Weitzel
  • Marko Slyz
  • Lincoln Bryant
  • Emelie Harstad
  • Benedikt Riedel
  • Anna Olson
  • Balamurugan Desinghu
Certificate SignerCILogon


OSG-CSC00100George Rudolph
SNOplusJoshua R Klein
UMichPaul Wolberg
DetectorDesignJohn Strologas
OSG-StaffChander Sehgal
SnowmassMeenakshi Narain
ECFAMeenakshi Narain
RITStanisław P. Radziszowski
BNLPETMartin Purschke
EICTobias Toll
sPHENIXMartin Purschke
Duke-QGPSteffen A. Bass
XENONAlfio Rizzo
UNC-RESOLVE-photometryDavid Stark
UPRRP-MRSteven Massey
NWChemManish Parashar
gridsgenomesDavid Rhee
CometCloudJavier Diaz-Montes
DeerDiseaseLene Jung Kjaer
PhenoStefan Hoeche
P0-LBNEMaxim Potekhin
HL-LHC-TPMeenakshi Narain
HTCCRob Quick
SoyKBDong Xu
NEESToolsFrank McKenna
dVdTEwa Deelman
CotranslationalFoldingEdward O'Brien
BNL-PHENIXMatthew Snowball
AMSBaosong Shan
BakerLabDavid Baker
CpDarkMatterSimulationChristoph Paus
DataTriesteRob Quick
DOSARRob Quick
SOLTyson Swetnam
Diffusion-predictorSoichi Hayashi

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