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Long NameGenome Analysis and Database Update
VO TypeOSG User and Resource Provider (Provides services to the OSG and has/will have users who do OSG-dependent scientific research)
Certificate Issue Only This VO is only used to issue user certificates to OSG community.False
DescriptionGenome Analysis and Database Update
CommunityThis project proposes to develop and support the infrastructure needed to permit wide-scale use of the Open Science Grid (OSG) by the computational biology community through the integrated database maintained by the Argonne\'s Bioinformatics Group and the user facilities which continue to grow around that database.
Parent VO Sometimes a project grows large enough to include several offshoot projects in it. When this happens, such a VO would want to be its own registration but would want to cite the parent project on its registration. This item helps a VO manager make such a mapping. N/A
Support CenterGADU
App DescriptionOne of the most powerful approaches for interpretation of genomes and understanding mechanisms of adaptation of organisms to environments is comparative and evolutionary analysis of wide spectrum of phylogenetically diverse organisms. It allows for systematic exploration of adaptive mechanisms that led to diversification of biological systems, on all levels of their organization: genomic, metabolic, and phenotypic. However such approach requires the development of high-throughput computational environments that integrate (i) large amounts of genomic and experimental data (ii) powerful tools and algorithms for knowledge discovery and data mining (iii) tools for collaborative analysis of biological data by the experts residing in remote locations and (iv) scalable computational backend. GADU is a high-performance scalable computational system that allows efficient automation of the major steps of genome analysis, including data acquisition from a variety of genomic databases and its analysis by several bioinformatics tools and algorithms. GADU utilizes Grid technology for the needs of high-throughput genetic sequence analysis. Using GADU, publicly available bioinformatics tools like BLAST, BLOCKS, Pfam, TMHMM etc. are executed parallely on the Grid and results are then stored in an integrated relational database. Apart from using the results for further refined analysis, they are also used to display through web applications for the use of the bioinformatics community.
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Molecular and Structural Biosciences
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