Long NameUnited States Compact Muon Solenoid Tier-2
DescriptionThe VO is dedicated to analysis of CMS data in the US
CommunityUSCMS VO: RPs: UCSD, UW, Caltech, UFL, Purdue, MIT, UNL, UERJ, SPRACE, Vanderbilt
Ex. Assignment IDnull
Submitter Contact A contact who has registered this support center
Anthony Tiradani
Operations Contact (Ticketing) GOC tickets when assigned to a support center are sent to the primary Operations contact's email address
Anthony Tiradani
Notifications Contact GOC notifications (also available via RSS) are sent to both primary and secondary notification contacts
Anthony Tiradani
USCMS Operations
Security Contact Security notifications sent out by the OSG security team are sent to these contacts
Fermilab Security Group
Miscellaneous Contact Contacts who do not fall under any of the above types but would like to be able to edit this support center can be added as miscellaneous contact
Burt Holzman

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