This resource is currently inactive.
This resource is currently disabled.
Resource Group
This Resource Group Belongs To
This Resource Group is Supported By
Support CenterCCSUP
Resource DescriptionObsolete name for the first CancerComputer CE. Keeping this record on-file so that GRACC accounting makes sense.
Information URL
Resource FQDN AliasN/A
VO Owners of This Resource
Submitter Contact A contact who has registered this resource
Ian Stakenvicius
Resource Report Contact Gratia-accounting based resource-usage reports are sent out daily/weekly to these contacts
Ian Stakenvicius
Administrative Contact GOC tickets when assigned to a support center of a resource are also sent to the primary resource admin contact (usually the sysadmin of a resource) via the ticket's CC mechanism. Admin contacts are also contacted by GOC staff and others to deal with system-administrative problems
Ian Stakenvicius
Security Contact Security notifications sent out by the OSG security team are sent to primary and secondary security contacts for this resource
Ian Stakenvicius
WLCG Information
No WLCG Information
ActiveShows if this resource has been activated by GOC staff. Until it is activated, this resource is not available to OSG in general sense.False
DisableShows if this resource has been removed from the OIM database.True

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