DescriptionCometCloud is an autonomic framework for enabling real-world applications on dynamically federated, hybrid infrastructure integrating (public & private) clouds, data-centers and Grids. Specifically, CometCloud provides abstractions and mechanisms to support a range of programming paradigms and real-world applications on such an infrastructure. Furthermore, it enables policy-based autonomic cloud-bridging and cloud-bursting. Autonomic cloud-bridging enables on-the-fly integration of local computational environments (data-centers, grids) and public cloud services (such as Amazon EC2), and autonomic cloud-bursting enables dynamic application scale-out to address dynamic workloads, spikes in demands, and other extreme requirements. Currently, we support various applications as part of our collaborations in multiple domains such as medical diagnostics, material sciences, biology, and engineering.
DepartmentElectrical and Computer Engineering
Sponsor Virtual OrganizationOSG
Principal Investigator
Javier Diaz-Montes
Field Of ScienceComputer and Information Science and Engineering