DescriptionThe use of methylation-specific restriction enzymes to preferentially cleave 5'-CCGG-3' sites in conjunction with Next Generation Sequencing platforms has formed the basis for the widely used Methyl-seq and HELP-tagging assays. The recent development of an R package using a Bayesian hierarchical model approach, msBayes, offered a statistically rigorous alternative to the basic tag-counting/geometric mapping previously used for these two techniques. Its dependence on the WinBUGS package however, severely limited its performance and usage by the community. We have re-implemented msBayes to make use of both OpenBUGS and OpenMP, and have integrated this new core module, msBayes2.0, into a web-based platform and subsequent deployment and processing on a diversity of computing platforms.
OrganizationAlbert Einstein College of Medicine
Sponsor Virtual OrganizationOSG
Principal Investigator
David Rhee
Field Of ScienceBiological Sciences