DescriptionWe calculate the autocorrelation merit factors for Golay-Shapiro-Rudin-like sequences and the crosscorrelation merit factors for pairs of such sequences. Each of the 2^n seed sequences of length n gives rise to an infinite family of sequences, and we have asymptotic formulas (see our preprint at arXiv: 1702.07697 [math.NT]) for the merit factors based on calculations involving only the seeds. The number of seeds grows exponentially, thus making this a project that is well-suited to distributed computing. We would like to extend Table 2 of our paper (minimum combined measure of autocorrelation and crosscorrelation, unconstrained search) to seeds of length 28. And we would like to extend Tables 1 and 3 of our paper (minimum autocorrelation and minimum combined measure among those sequences of minimum autocorrelation) to seeds of length 52, because we have a conjectue that something interesting may happen at length 52. We expect that the extension of T! ables 1 and 3 will require about 130,000 runs, each of which would take about an hour each on a single thread of a typical workstation. And we expect that the extension of Table 2 will require about 45,000 runs taking about 45 minutes each in a similar situation.
OrganizationCalifornia State University, Northridge
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Principal Investigator
Daniel J. Katz
Field Of ScienceMathematical Sciences