DescriptionIn this collaborative project between bioinformatics and physics we use molecular evolution simulations to evolve a population of proteins. We look for the emergence of mutational robustness of proteins in the population. This quantity measures how resistant they are to the deleterious effects of mutations. Previous results from Dr. Massey's group suggest that mutational robustness increases and eventually converges over time. This appears to be an emergent property of proteins. It has profound evolutionary implications. The protein structures are obtained from the Protein Data Bank. Non-robust sequences are threaded onto the structure and are subjected to random mutations. The resulting sequences are selected for their free energy of folding. Once the sequences are generated the mutational robustness is calculated in parallel (through Condor).
OrganizationUniversidad de Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus (UPRRP)
DepartmentPhysics / Biology
Sponsor Virtual OrganizationOSG
Principal Investigator
Steven Massey
Field Of ScienceBioinformatics