DescriptionIt has been shown that deregulation of the Kappa Opioid Receptor (KOR) can contribute to drug abuse and other psychiatric disorders. Therefore, KOR agonists/antagonists have become a target for the development of pharmacotherapies for the treatment of addiction and other CNS disorders. Unfortunately, few chemical scaffolds have been shown to bind selectively to the KOR. Through the use of computational methods, we will screen a variety of chemical scaffolds to see how well they bind to the active pocket of the KOR and Mu Opioid Receptor. From these results, we will identify targets with high binding affinity to Kappa and low binding affinity to Mu. The identified compounds will then be screened for in vitro binding affinity to identify novel KOR selective ligands.
OrganizationCentre College
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Principal Investigator
David Toth
Field Of ScienceChemistry