DescriptionOur ultimate goal with this proposal is to understand how magnetic dynamos work on stars other than the Sun. To do the science we propose which is to measure the typical starspot lifetime as a function of rotation rate and stellar mass and derive the starspot number and the spatial starspot distribution for stars other than the Sun, we must apply our light curve model ing program to the full duration (4 years) of publicly available short cadence Kepler time series photometry of as many of our targets as possible. We must run the code many times per target in a Monte Carlo fashion in order to explore the full parameter s pace of potential solutions. We must also do trials with different numbers of starspots in order to determine the optimal number of spots necessary to fit the light curves. For this initial research allocation, we proposal to use the Open Science Grid to do a series of runs for 5 high priority targets: HAT-P-11, Kepler-17, Kepler-63, KOI-340, and KOI-1786, using our STSP code designed specifically for high throughput computing. The core code for the work has already been completed. Now, we need to run i t many times in many different configurations in order extract the scientific results. This mode of operating is well suited to training the young students and scientists that will do this work.
OrganizationHobart and William Smith Colleges
Sponsor Campus GridOSG-XSEDE
Principal Investigator
Leslie Hebb
Field Of SciencePhysics