DescriptionOur lab studies the rhythms of the brain, recorded electrically as oscillations in voltage. These brain rhythms have been hypothesized to underlie functional communication between different brain regions, but the mechanism by which it does this is not clear. Additionally, it is not clear from a biophysical standpoint how these oscillations are generated. Our lab studies both noninvasive and clinical recordings from human subjects and patients in order to better understand these rhythms of the brain. For example, the project contact's personal research investigates the variations in the waveform shape of neural oscillations. Why are some oscillations nonsinusoidal (e.g. sawtooth), how does this impact neural communication, and how does this relate to high-level behaviors?
OrganizationUniversity of California San Diego
DepartmentCognitive Science
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Principal Investigator
Bradley Voytek
Field Of ScienceNeuroscience