DescriptionSNO+ is a multi-purpose liquid scintillator detector with a primary goal of studying neutrino-less double beta decay in Tellurium-130, and is also capable of measurements involving solar neutrinos, reactor antineutrinos and geoneutrinos, supernovae, certain nucleon decay modes. Data collected by the detector are moved to (UK and Canadian) grid storage, where automated processing occurs. The large number of simulated data sets required for statistical analyses are also produced on grid resources. The total combined size of the data and simulations is expected to be on the order of 100 TB, which makes transfer, storage, and processing (i.e. running custom ROOT code) intractable on local resources available at collaborating US institutions. Hence, access to grid storage and processing is imperative for the analysis of the SNO+ data by US Collaborators.
OrganizationUniversity of Pennsylvania
DepartmentPhysics and Astronomy
Sponsor Virtual OrganizationOSG
Principal Investigator
Joshua R Klein
Field Of ScienceHigh Energy Physics