DescriptionStudies of static and dynamic properties of glassy systems. See also: The dynamics and static properties of glassy systems can be studied in great detail by simple model systems, either those on a lattice or those consisting of mixtures of spherical particles. In order to do that, one can use any many techniques generally under the umbrella of Monte Carlo Sampling or Molecular Dynamics. In order to get detailed properties, is is often advantageous or necessary to run a large number of independent simulations, and to calculate properties averaged over these simulations. It may also be necessary to study these systems with a range of parameter values, e.g. temperature or system size. Hence, this problem lends itself well to high throughput computing, at least for cases where the individual simulations comprising a workflow are not too long.
OrganizationColumbia University
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Principal Investigator
David Reichman
Field Of ScienceChemistry