DescriptionWe are requesting 1,700,000 SUs on Open Science Grid to model the initial conditions of a sample of 15 major galaxy mergers in the local universe. These measurements will place unique constraints on the role of galaxy mergers in shaping galaxy evolution, and on cosmological assembly. Our sample consists of 15 interacting galaxy pairs with Hα kinematic maps, 2 of which have both Hα and HI 2D kinematic maps and 3 of which are drawn from the SDSSIV MaNGA survey. We will use the Identikit software package (Barnes & Hibbard 2009; Barnes 2011) and our automated pipeline to model the dynamics of interacting galaxy pairs and constrain their initial orbital parameters and merger stage.
OrganizationSpace Telescope Science Institute
DepartmentAstronomical Sciences
Sponsor Campus GridOSG-XSEDE
Principal Investigator
Jennifer Lotz
Field Of ScienceAstrophysics