DescriptionThe XENON Dark Matter Experiment located at the Gran Sasso Laboratories (INFN, Italy), is currently the leader world project searching for the so called Dark Matter, something which is completely different from ordinary matter. This Dark Matter is not (as the name hints) visible, but it should pervade the entire Universe. Its presence has been confirmed by different experimental evidences, however its intrinsic nature is one of the big puzzle of Modern Physics. The XENON Experiment could reveal the nature of the DM looking at the possible interactions of the DM with ordinary matter, for instance with the Xenon, a noble gas been liquified at very low temperature. The study of the background signal, from the environment and from the materials that make up the new detector containing the Xenon (which is currently under construction and called XENON1T), is essential to understand the detector's behavior and its implications on its performances. For this purpose an extensive Montecarlo simulation and study is needed, and this require quite a lot of CPU time. The MC simulation of the XENON experiment is based on the open source codes called GEANT4 and ROOT.
OrganizationUniversity of Chicago
Sponsor Campus GridOSG Connect
Principal Investigator
Luca Grandi
Field Of ScienceAstrophysics