DescriptionThe Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments have successfully discovered the last missing piece of the standard model (SM)—the elusive Higgs boson. However, no sign of any physics beyond the SM has been observed yet. Although the standard model has been extremely effective, many unsolved questions still remain. The focus of our group is to study models of physics beyond the SM, which tries solve the aforementioned unsolved questions, and explore their possible signatures, at LHC experiments predominately. These models include Supersymmetric models, Grand Unified Theories, Left-Right Symmetric models and various Dark Matter models. LHC is going through an upgrade now and it will start functioning again next year with increased energy. We are pursuing a number of projects trying to predict the possible signature of new physics, pertaining to various models described above, in upcoming LHC experiments. Owing to these we need sufficient comuting power and intend to run collider simulators including MadGraph, Pythia, PGS, Delphes etc.
OrganizationTexas A&M University
DepartmentDepartment of Physics & Astronomy
Sponsor Campus GridOSG Connect
Principal Investigator
Bhaskar Dutta
Field Of ScienceHigh Energy Physics