DescriptionThe Comparison of Protein Active Site Structures (CPASS) database and software is used as part of our FAST-NMR assay to assign the function of a hypothetical protein or a protein of unknown function. The CPASS database and software enable the comparison of experimentally identified ligand binding sites to infer biological function and aid in drug discovery. The CPASS database is comprised of unique ligand-defined active sites identified in the Protein Data Bank, and the CPASS program compares these ligand-defined active sites to determine sequence and structural similarity without maintaining sequence connectivity, along with ligand similarity, if desired. CPASS will compare any set of ligand-defined protein active sites irrespective of the identity of the bound ligand.
OrganizationUniversity of Nebraska - Lincoln
Sponsor Virtual OrganizationHCC
Principal Investigator
Adam Caprez
Field Of ScienceBioinformatics