DescriptionThe Duke University CI Connect campus grid operated by the Scalable Computing Support Center, https://wiki.duke.edu/display/SCSC/Home
Probe URLhttp://gratiaweb.grid.iu.edu/gratia/xml/project_hours_bar?facility=.*&probe=duke.ci-connect.*
Maturity LevelLevel 4: Campus wide organization or visibility of campus grids initiatives.
Gateway Submit Node
Submit Node FQDNS
  • login.duke.ci-connect.net
Field of Science
  • Chemistry
  • Bioinformatics
  • Materials Science
  • Economics
  • Multi-Science Community
  • Neuroscience
  • Biological Sciences

Submitter Contact A contact who has registered this campus grid
Robert William Gardner Jr
Administrative Contact Contacts for ticketing and assorted issues. This is typically a user/application support person or a help desk
Tom Milledge
Balamurugan Desinghu
Security Contact Security notifications sent out by the OSG security team are sent to primary and secondary campus grid security contacts
Tom Milledge
Balamurugan Desinghu
Miscellaneous Contact Contacts who do not fall under any of the above types but would like to be able to edit this campus grid can be added as miscellaneous contact
Tom Milledge
Balamurugan Desinghu


duke-4fermionShailesh Chandrasekharan
duke-campusTom Milledge
duke-WaterCrystalPatrick Charbonneau
duke-swcstaffMark R. DeLong
duke-SWC-Duke15Mark R. DeLong
duke-boolnetDaniel Gauthier
duke-CMTHarold U. Baranger
duke-bgswgsHai Yan
duke-EfficientScoreKonosuke Iwamoto
duke-staffTom Milledge
glassPatrick Charbonneau

Contact Ranks