DescriptionOSG is a service provide for XD and operates a submit host at Indiana University. Two groups of users are enabled on this host: 1) authorized by the XRAC; and 2) authorized by OSG User Support.
Probe URLhttp://osg-xsede.grid.iu.edu/vofrontend/monitor/frontendStatus.html
Maturity LevelLevel 2: Some localized organization around campus grids.
Gateway Submit NodeOSG_FLOCK
Submit Node FQDNS
  • osg-xsede.grid.iu.edu
Field of Science
  • Multi-Science Community

Submitter Contact A contact who has registered this campus grid
Chander Sehgal
Administrative Contact Contacts for ticketing and assorted issues. This is typically a user/application support person or a help desk
Mats Rynge
Chander Sehgal
Security Contact Security notifications sent out by the OSG security team are sent to primary and secondary campus grid security contacts
Mats Rynge
Marko Slyz
Miscellaneous Contact Contacts who do not fall under any of the above types but would like to be able to edit this campus grid can be added as miscellaneous contact
Tanya Levshina
Alexandr Zaytsev
Marta Ortiz


TG-IBN130001Donald Krieger
TG-PHY120014Qaisar Shafi
TG-OCE130029Yvonne Chan
TG-IRI130016Joseph Cohen
TG-MCB100109Lillian Chong
TG-DMR130036Emanuel Gull
TG-CHE130091Paul Siders
TG-MCB090163Michael Hagan
TG-ATM130009Phillip Anderson
TG-PHY110015Pran Nath
TG-TRA100004Andrew Ruether
TG-MCB130072Benjamin Ong
TG-ATM130015Phillip Anderson
TG-STA110014SNancy Wilkins-Diehr
TG-ASC130043David Rogers
TG-MCB090174Shantenu Jha
TG-CHE130103Jeremy Moix
TG-CDA080011Vikram Gazula
TG-DEB140008Robert Toonen
TG-DMS120024Benjamin Ong
TG-TRA120014Pol Llovet
TG-TRA120041Hanning Chen
TG-CCR130001Ruth Marinshaw
TG-MCB140160David Rhee
TG-CDA100013Mark Reed
TG-SEE140006Sheila Kannappan
TG-CHE140094John Stubbs
TG-TRA110013Hadrian Djohari
TG-STA110011SStephen McNally
TG-TRA130007David Monismith
TG-OCE140013Yvonne Chan
TG-CHE140110John Stubbs
TG-CHE140098Paul Siders
TG-DMR140072Adrian Del Maestro
TG-MCB130135Ashok Mudgapalli
TG-MCB140211Hong Qin
TG-SES090019Shaowen Wang
TG-MCB140232Alan Chen
TG-AST150012Gregory Snyder
TG-AST140088Francis Halzen
TG-TRA130011John Chrispell
TG-MCB140268Graziano Vernizzi
TG-AST150033Juliette Becker
TG-CCR140028Shantenu Jha
TG-TRA130030Neranjan Edirisinghe Pathirannehelage
TG-AST150044Jennifer Lotz
TG-MCB150090Emiliano Brini
TG-TRA150018Stephen Wolbers
TG-MCB060061NJeffry D. Madura
TG-PHY150040Francis Halzen
TG-GEO150003Jon Pelletier
IBN130001-PlusDonald Krieger
TG-AST150046Suzanne Hawley
TG-PHY160001Terrance Figy
TG-DMS150022Shahriar Afkhami
TG-MCB140088Jason Key
TG-CHE150012Christopher Fennell
TG-TRA140043Igor Yakushin
TG-TRA140029Scott Hampton
TG-MCB160027Yang Zhang
TG-PHY160031Nepomuk Otte
TG-AST160036James Davenport
TG-AST160046Leslie Hebb
TG-MCB160069Edward O'Brien
TG-IRI160006Victor Hazlewood
TG-MCB160192Samuel Thompson
TG-TRA120004Rob Lane
TG-AST170008Stephanie Hamilton

Contact Ranks